Admissions Policy

In order to nurture the human resources defined in its educational objectives, Kansai University of International Studies (KUIS) seeks to admit students with the aim and desire to study at KUIS, with basic knowledge acquired through education and experience up to high school, and with the ability to think on their own and express their conclusions about familiar issues.
To this end, the university uses various screening methods to appropriately select applicants. You will be required to meet the following requirements.

1) You have studied a wide-ranging high school curriculum.
2) You have acquired the basic communication skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing through integrated Japanese (contemporary literature) and English subjects taken as part of your studies up to high school.
3) You can think about various social issues in a logical manner based on your knowledge and information, and explain your conclusions.
4) You have a sense of purpose and the desire to use in society the knowledge and experience you will gain from your chosen KUIS school and department.
5) You have experience in group learning at school, extracurricular activities, volunteering, and so on, and can cooperate with others in bringing a project to completion.

6) You can complete the e-learning program* required before enrollment for acquiring necessary basic knowledge.

* E-learning is a form of learning using primarily the Internet.

Entrance examination for Foreign Students

Eligibility for application
A person who has foreign nationality and falls under any of the following item① , and yet meet the requirement of item②, is qualified for application.

① Persons who have completed 12 years of school education abroad, containing persons who will finish their12 years of school education in March 2019.
② Others who have acknowledged academic ability equal to or higher than the above.


Faculties Recruitment

School of International


Some people
School of Education Some people
School of Management    Some people
School of Human Sciences    Some people

※There is no recruitment for School of Health Sciences. 





date of results

Deadline for

Admission procedure

First term A 11/2~11/20 12/1 12/8 12/19
First term B 1/25~2/12 2/18 2/22 3/1
Latter term  2/14~2/27 3/7 3/14 3/21

Selection method

Admission decision will be given based on comprehensive evaluation containing document examination, paper test and oral interview.

Achievement  test

Oral interview

Subject                  Time                       Point of Allotment Contents Time     

School of International





100 points


interview in


School of Education Japanese 60min 100 points
School of Management 
School of Human Sciences 

2018 Entrance


Career Options of Graduates 


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