Inter-University Exchange Project

Kansai University of International Studies
Inter-University Exchange Project

FY-5/XNUMX Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Project

Selected for the second consecutive year following last year!

What is the Project to Strengthen the Global Expansion of Universities?

It is a "support system for building an internationally proud university education system" that aims to strengthen the development of outstanding human resources who are active in the world.Selected schools are expected to contribute to strengthening the global development capabilities of Japanese universities.
Kansai University of International Studies was selected as the only representative school of private universities in the Kansai region for the 2022 "Project to Strengthen the Global Expansion of Universities."
As a result, from the fall of 2022, joint projects will be carried out with the cooperation of universities, industries, local governments, and support groups in four overseas countries.


Learn entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurial mindset.With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, society has changed dramatically.Even large companies are now required to launch new businesses and create new business models.Not only entrepreneurs but also students, company employees, civil servants, and people who are active in various fields and environments are required to have an entrepreneurial mind called entrepreneurship.

Collaboration with 5 universities and institutions in 8 countries

Summary of Exchange program

This project is aimed at developing a global entrepreneurship education program capable of instilling within students an innovator’s mindset capable of leading institutions in an increasingly multicultural world. Building upon past international education collaborations, KUISs’ will work with local government and business organizations along with higher education institutions in Australia, India, Canada and the UK as well as domestic universities from Kobe and Miyazaki.

Global Human Resource on the project

To train students with an entrepreneur’s mindset capable of both working with diverse teams and driving innovation in an international context. Through this program, these international innovators will thus be better able to respond to the changing international business and technical environment, thereby be better prepared to serve as future leaders capable of solving diverse international issues.


In addition to Australian institutions, our members include universities from India, the UK, and Canada, and we offer multi-layered short-, medium-, and long-term (one semester or one year) international collaborative programs. Students from each university will participate in practical entrepreneurship programs in Kobe City, the Keihanshin area, and Sydney, and will carry out practical collaborative learning.
Additionally, the Venture Makers Global Conference (VMGC), a venue for student presentations, is scheduled to be held alternately in Kobe and Sydney.

Scholarship Opportunity

Participants to the programs will have opportunity to receive financial support.
Also, we will explore the internship opportunities in venture capitals too.

Tourism and Hospitality Disaster and Crime Prevention

Learn about tourism and hospitality, disaster and crime prevention

Both the tourism hospitality and disaster prevention/crime prevention fields are areas where both Japan and the United States are facing a shortage of human resources and the need for more sophisticated and digital operations, and there is a need to cultivate human resources with a global perspective and entrepreneurial spirit. It is being Through industry-government-academia collaboration, including university networks, we will develop international collaborative programs targeting a wide range of students.

International collaboration program

Summary of Exchange program

We will realize international collaborative education using COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning), with the core issues of our international collaborative program being the construction of a safe and secure social infrastructure through tourism hospitality, disaster prevention, and crime prevention. Participating students will learn fundamental themes such as data science suited to the AI ​​era, and will utilize this knowledge in SSHM (Safety and Security & Hospitality Management) international collaboration programs.

This project will train
Human resources image

In both Japan and the United States, there is a shortage of human resources and the need for more sophisticated and digital operations in the fields of tourism and hospitality, as well as disaster prevention and crime prevention. We produce human resources with the ability to adapt to different cultures.

This project

In order to promote tourism hospitality and a safe and secure social infrastructure, we will be developing the following educational exchange programs over the next five years.
・Short-term training (Hawaii, Los Angeles, Palm Desert, Kobe)
・Medium- and long-term training
・Study abroad, internships, etc.
An example of short-term training: Learn about resort operations, marketing, environmental conservation, etc. from the perspective of tourism and hospitality business at resort areas around Palm Desert, California.

For participants
Scholarship Opportunity

It is also possible to study abroad at a partner university. In addition, in principle, participants will be provided with a ``scholarship''.
This is an attractive project that allows you to intern not only at venture companies, but also at foreign companies, venture capital companies, etc. (companies that provide funding for ventures, etc.).