Exam Info

Exam Info

To everyone who wishes to enroll in the international student special course

Kansai International University is a university founded in 21 with the aim of nurturing "true international people" who will lead the 1998st century.As the name of the university includes the word ``international'', our university has focused its efforts on the educational philosophy of nurturing human resources who can transcend national boundaries on the world stage.

In recent years, amidst rapid social changes, changes are also progressing on a global scale in the economic field.As globalization continues to advance, there is a real need for human resources who can view the world from a global perspective and play an active role in it, without being bound by national borders or specific economic areas. As a university that will lead the 21st century, Kansai International University aims to create a new university with a global perspective and an educational philosophy of ``nurturing human beings who are full of love for humanity, rich in creativity, and capable of action.''

Our university has six faculties: the Faculty of International Communication, the Faculty of Psychology, the Faculty of Sociology, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Business Administration, and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, as well as three master's programs and one doctoral program. I am studying hard every day in order to spread my wings.Approximately 6 international students, or approximately 3% of the total student body, are enrolled and study alongside Japanese students.

In 2023, the Japanese government has set a goal of accepting 40 international students, and we are welcoming more international students than ever before.

The Kansai International University Special Course, which is based at our university, aims to help international students who wish to enter Japanese universities and graduate schools acquire the Japanese language skills necessary to receive education at Japanese universities. The school opened in October 2014 as an educational curriculum. International students who enroll in the Kansai International University Beppu Course will learn Japanese, and it is also possible for them to advance to Kansai International University by recommendation from the Beppu Course.We sincerely hope that by attending university, you will acquire specialized knowledge in the fields of education and research, and also contribute to international exchange.

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Kansai International University President
Atsushi Hamana

If you would like to take the exam, please contact us here.

TEL:078-330-5999 (direct to office)

e-mail: bekka@kuins.ac.jp

Admission Information
Admission period, period of study, period of enrollment
  • October 2024 (Fall semester)
  • The duration of study is one year.The enrollment period cannot exceed two years.
Recruitment capacity

15 people

Open campus

Kansai International University Kobe Yamate Campus (ACCESS

Screening method

We will conduct a document review and, if necessary, an online interview test, and pass or fail will be determined based on the overall evaluation.

Admission to Kansai International University

If you obtain N2 or higher while enrolled, you will be able to proceed to university.

Application period, selection date, time, location, and deadline for admission procedures

*Separate interview information will be provided if necessary.

Admission in October 2024 (Fall semester)

Recruitment Application Periods Announcement of Successful Applicants Tuition fee payment deadline
once Overseas-Domestic 2024/4/1 (Mon) - 4/22 (Mon) 2024 / 5 / 8 (Wed) 2024 / 5 / 22 (Wed)
secondary Overseas-Domestic 2024/5/15 (Wed) - 5/31 (Fri) 2024/6/10 (Mon) 2024/6/24 (Mon)
three times Overseas-Domestic 2024/6/14 (Fri) - 7/16 (Tue) 2024 / 7 / 23 (Tue) 2024 / 7 / 30 (Tue)
Fourth Domestic 2024/7/22 (Mon) - 8/30 (Fri) 2024 / 9 / 13 (gold) 2024 / 9 / 20 (gold)

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