Message from the President

Message from the President

Learning with passion and feeling personal growth
Kansai University of International Studies marks the 20th anniversary of its founding in September 2018 with a major reorganization of its academic units from April 2019 aimed at fortifying its educational structure for nurturing student capabilities. Faculty members who encourage learning with passion coupled with the latest educational systems promise each student will feel their personal growth.

KUIS is poised to take a new step forward in April 2019

Reorganization from academic year 2019 to advance the school motto “I AI I EN”(以愛為園)

In 2018 we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Kansai University of International Studies (KUIS). If the university were a person, it would be reaching the age of majority.

Since our founding, we at KUIS have sought to produce individuals with a love of humanity, capable of empathizing with people of diverse positions around the world and exploring challenges together, under the school motto “I AI I EN” (Love Creates Belonging 以愛為園).

A universal need in our uncertain times is a safe, secure society—this is the “I AI I EN” of our day. More than ever before, our times require individuals with an international perspective, equipped with management skills, and capable of contributing to the community and to society. Against this backdrop, we at KUIS have taken the milestone of our 20th anniversary as an opportunity to carry out a major reorganization of our academic units and set the goal of all schools to foster individuals capable of managing a safe, secure society.


Clarifying the students’ entrance and exit with 13 majors in 5 departments in 5 schools

In academic year 2019, KUIS will see the establishment of a new School of International Communication and School of Management, and transition from five departments in three schools to 13 majors in five departments in five schools. Our aim in this move is to achieve consistency in the contents of education at each school and department, and enable students to select a major corresponding to their chosen career path to commit to from the sophomore year. The introduction of majors in all departments clarifies the students’ entrance (enrollment) and exit (graduation), and facilitates the selection of a future career path. Each major consists of a package of specialized subjects that clearly illustrate the skills that students will acquire to reach their intended exit point.

The advantage of selecting a major in the sophomore year, rather than upon enrollment, is that students will have completed essential subjects and be equipped to determine a major based on their future career path.


* An academic major refers to a specialized field of study and research, or the process of specializing in such a field.

Nurturing individuals who can deal with real-world situations under the key phrases global, management, and safety and security
The reorganization from 2019 has three large characteristics. First, it seeks to cultivate management skills. At KUIS, we identify this as skills for maximizing the functions of the individual and of the organization. Management is the ability to deal with real-world situations under any circumstances and continue adapting to change. Our redesigned curriculum includes various overseas programs in which all undergraduate students can participate and demonstrate such skills.
Second, it clarifies the position of KUIS as an international university. The Department of English Communication will transfer from the School of Education to the new School of International Communication. Starting in the autumn semester of the sophomore year, it will provide a compulsory six-month (one-year upon request) study abroad program in the Asia-Pacific region, designed to develop both practical English-language skills and a global perspective, and nurture the students’ ability to use their specialized knowledge in cultural exchange and business settings toward contributing to the global society. We will also offer various other overseas programs in which students of other KUIS schools can participate that will provide not only field experience but also deeper learning through the process of preparation and review, and foster individuals capable of thinking and taking action with an understanding of diverse senses of value.
And third, it promotes thorough education in safety management. Safety and security are requirements today in all fields including health care, education, welfare, business, and government. In response to this current of the times, all KUIS schools will promote education in safety and security, and enable students to obtain Bousaisi (disaster prevention officer) qualification with which to hone their management skills in real-world situations. Finally, an additional characteristic is our promotion of university-wide education in disaster prevention for global citizens of the 21st century.
Through the reorganization, I look forward to seeing all KUIS students acquire the ability to harness their specialized knowledge in real-world situations.

The experience of acquiring capabilities for new students with an active mindset
Whether you have always been good at taking action with a constructive, active mindset or you are looking for the opportunity to be more enthusiastic and outgoing, I invite you to visit KUIS Open Campus and take a look at our current students who are learning with passion and feeling their personal growth. I hope to welcome many new students to KUIS.

Atsushi Hamana, Ph.D.
President, Kansai University of International Studies

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