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Hamana Yamate Gakuin Educational Mission

KUISs"Kansai university of international studies",
Educational mission of HamanaYamate Gakuin

Recently, the educational corporation Hamana Gakuin and Kobe Yamate Gakuen completed a university and corporate merger, and have embarked in a new direction. At this opportunity, we have established an "educational mission" to show the ideal vision of the Hamana Yamate Gakuin as an educational institution that embraces the "founding spirit", which includes the philosophy of both corporations.

The newly emerged educational institution aims to send graduates out into the world who can "open up their lives proactively while respecting others". Specifically, with "Communication (conversation), Consideration (compassion) and Commitment (participation, contribution)" as the core values, training graduates who can carry out the three Cs" makes up the educational mission of Hamana Yamate Gakuin.

Hamana Yamate Gakuin Educational Mission

KUISs is a university that fosters active people through active learning.

The Hamana Yamate Gakuin school cooperation has established a new educational mission around the three C's. In accordance with this Kansai University of International Studies has developed an educational system that allows students to study independently which includes the KUISs learning benchmarks as well as educational programs with enhanced characteristics on three campuses: Kobe Yamate Campus, Amagasaki Campus, and Miki Campus. 

Develop graduates who can navigate the uncertainty of the future with a foundation based on the new education mission of the three C's

The three pillars of education at KUISs include the concepts of "Global", "Safety", and Management". Our goal is to cultivate graduates who understand these concepts, which will become even more important in the post-Coronavirus Era. Recent times have witnessed the rise of globalization in conjunction with a growing interest in safety and security. Management is not only an issue for the School of Management, but it is an ability required of students of all faculties to manage their own goals and projects they want to achieve in order to make a contribution to society.


In April 2020, Kobe Yamate University became part of Kansai University of International Studies and the resulting merger led to "Kobe Yamate Gakuen" becoming "Hamana Yamate Gakuin". At that time, a new educational mission known as the "three C's" was formulated to encompass the founding spirit of both corporations. The three C's stand for "Communication," "Commitment," and "Consideration."

At KUISs, we have established the KUISs learning benchmarks as a measure to confirm the achievement of our educational goals. This is for the students themselves to independently acquire the six skills and qualities required by society. Three of these include maintaining an "autonomous and independent attitude," "attitude to actively contribute to society," and the "ability to understand and accept diverse cultures and their backgrounds." Two of the skills and qualities are general-purpose abilities for "problem finding and problem solving" and "communication skills", and the last one is an "ability to utilize specialized knowledge/skills" in each specialized field. Among the three C's, "Communication" refers to communication skills, "Commitment" refers to autonomy and social contribution, and "Consideration" is an understanding of diversity, problem finding and problem solving ability, and ability to utilize expertise that can be acquired comprehensively through the learning benchmarks.


Message from the President

Reorganized undergraduate departments with a regional view of education that takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the three campuses

With the addition of the Kobe Yamate Campus to the Amagasaki Campus and Miki Campus, the university has become a three-campus system, but each campus has reorganized its undergraduate departments to provide education that maximizes local characteristics, which now includes 6 schools, 7 departments and 18 majors.
At the Kobe Yamate Campus, which is located in an area where international and diverse cultures coexist, you can experience the current state of industry and business while gaining a liberal arts education focused on issues of safety and tourism. The Amagasaki Campus, which is located next to the Osaka metropolitan area, maintains an affiliated day care center, offers teacher training, management/marketing, education related to business design, and disaster prevention.
At the Miki Campus, which is located close to the Miki Disaster Prevention Park and the Kita-Harima Medical Center and is responsible for advanced medical care in the region, we aim to develop education focused on health and sports.

In addition to many team activities such as group work, we have a wealth of experience providing learning programs such as global studies and community studies. We want you to become an "Active Person", who desires to become a more active and autonomous learner, rather than a passive learner.


President/Chairman Atsushi Hamana

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