Academic Program

School of Education Department of Child Education and Social Welfare

Training professionals in education and welfare to meet the needs of the times

With the motto "Training of professionals in education, childcare, and welfare that can meet the needs of the times", students will spend four years acquiring the cultural knowledge and skills that will enable them to respond sensitively to social changes, as well as flexibility and practical skills.  

Major in Child Education
Education Course / Child Education and Care Course

Major in Child Education


Students will acquire multiple licenses necessary for education and childcare and develop practical skills that are useful in the field. 

Students select from two courses depending on their interest including "Education Specialization Course" and "Education/Childcare Course". We aim to help students acquire multiple qualifications while accumulating knowledge and experiences from various perspectives, and developing into future nursery teachers, kindergarten teachers, elementary school teachers, and special needs teachers with practical skills that are useful in the field. 

Major in Welfare Social Welfare
Course / Welfare/Child Care Course

Major in Welfare


Select a course according to purpose Students acquire a practical ability to play an active part in welfare

The "Social Welfare Course" fosters graduates who become social welfare professionals with a global perspective. The "Welfare/Childcare Course" trains graduates to become child family welfare professionals who can contribute to a society where everyone can live peacefully together. Students will learn practical knowledge and skills that can be used in the welfare field.