Academic Program

School of Global Communication Department of Tourism

Fostering graduates who develop global hospitality skills that utilize practical English and communication skills. Students gain specialized knowledge and skills through a practical curriculum that provides opportunities to collaborate with companies and local governments. 

Major in Tourism

Major in Tourism


Fostering graduates aiming to become professionals in the tourism business while acquiring practical abilities in English, marketing, and management and play an active role in the in the rapidly changing field of international tourism and regional revitalization. 

We will develop graduates for the tourism business that will innovate Japanese tourism in the future including domestic travel in the Corona era, inbound tourism, community-based tourism, and new tourism businesses utilizing ICT. 

Major in Hotel & Bridal Services 

Major in Hotel & Bridal Services


In the hotel and bridal industry, which represents the hospitality industry, we aim to develop graduates who can manage locations and provide top-notch service. 

We aim to develop graduates who acquire a practical English ability and high hospitality skills, provide a comfortable and secure venues, and can produce lovely and memorable experiences.

Major in Airline Services

Major in Airline Services


In the airline, which represents the tourism industry, we aim to develop graduates who can manage locations and provide top-notch service.

There are various occupations in the aviation industry, including cabin attendants, ground staff, and ground handling.

We aim to develop graduates who acquire a practical English ability and high hospitality skills,

with an admired company and fly into the world of airlines.

this mejor, we will develop each individual's individuality and ability even before enrollment, and will carefully support you to get the job you really want to do.