Academic Program

School of Global Communication,
Department of Global Communication

We cultivate students who have the flexibility and values to grasp things from an international perspective, who can use English as a communication tool and have the practical knowledge and skills required to play an active part in a globalized society and work in careers related to society, culture, language, and tourism among others. 

Major in Global Business

Major in Global Business


Fostering graduates with professional skills that combine knowledge of business, the ability to use English as an international communication tool, and an international perspective. 

There is a particular focus on thoroughly developing students' English ability -- an essential tool for success in the world -- and an understanding of the basics of international business. 

Students will deepen their understanding of the differences in local culture and develop into graduates with an international perspective who can play an active role as bridges that connect to overseas countries. 

Major in International Culture

Major in International Culture


Fostering graduates who can play an active role as a global citizen by understanding the commonality and uniqueness of the world's regions and cultures while acquiring a practical English ability. 

Focusing on a practical English ability as the basis of communication, students learn not only language but also understand the commonality and uniqueness of societies and culture around the world. We aim to cultivate graduates with practical skills to play an active role as global citizens.