【観光学科】A 3-Day Itinerary Presentation -Final Task Collaboration of Oral Communication 1 A & B of the Tourism Department-


Purpose of the course: To enable students to communicate their thoughts, present ideas and share information through in-class activities and presentation.

On Thursday, 27th of July 2023, 12 groups from section A and B of FLE110-Y02 Oral Communication class successfully presented a 3-day itinerary as part of their final requirement in the course this spring semester.

Travel itineraries help people manage their time during the trip. The groups created a 3-day itinerary of the country or city of their choice. Places to go, things to do and food to try were the highlights of their presentation. A glimpse of Asia and the Pacific, the USA and Europe was such a treat.

The last group ended their presentation with this closing remarks: "That's all. We hope that you find this 3-day itinerary helpful for your next trip. Thank you for listening."

Here's to a safe and fun summer vacation to you all.



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